How popular your site will be is based on different things. Some of them are more obvious, for instance the content and the ways you promote it. These things may result in more visitors, but in the long run there're several other factors that can boost the popularity of your site - if your web pages are simple to browse, if you have different webpages for different target groups, if your website ranks high in search engine results, etcetera. The Hepsia Control Panel comes with several software tools which will help you with all of these things and will help you to raise the popularity of your sites using an intuitive user interface, so even if you have not had a website before and you are just starting your online presence, you won't have any difficulties to use them.

Marketing Tools in Cloud Web Hosting

One of the most helpful tools that you can find in Hepsia is a sitemap generator which will allow you to create a precise map of each site in your cloud web hosting account. You will be able to select the number of links to be included in it along with the type of files which will be indexed. Not only is using a sitemap a convenience for your targeted visitors, but it will also allow search engines to index your content better and to reflect all site updates. In addition, you'll be able to use 2 other tools that will contribute to the user experience - a GeoIP tool which will allow you to redirect visitors to different landing pages if you have localized versions of your Internet site for different parts of the world, and an RSS feed software instrument that will help you to publish all types of updates. The latter will be quite handy in case you offer products or have a news website. Our user-friendly tools will help you increase the popularity of your Internet sites quick and easy.

Marketing Tools in Semi-dedicated Hosting

As all semi-dedicated hosting plans that we provide feature Hepsia, you can take advantage of all the software instruments that we've incorporated in this Control Panel. Via the sitemap generator, you'll be able to create a sitemap that can include any type of content of your choice. You will also be able to select what number of links must be indexed and how many levels down the web pages they should go. The sitemap will allow both your website visitors and search engines to find any content on your website easier. In addition, search engines will index any updates that you make a lot quicker, so having a sitemap can boost the ranking of your website. We also offer you a GeoIP function and an RSS feed tool that can contribute to an improved user experience. The former enables you to redirect visitors to localized pages, that will make your site more popular in various countries, while the latter allows you to publish news and updates which subscribers can read on their computer or smartphone.

Marketing Tools in Dedicated Web Hosting

You will be able to use our software tools with all dedicated server solutions that we provide as Hepsia is among the options for the Internet hosting Control Panel that you'll find on the signup page. The intuitive sitemap generator is the one which can affect the performance of your Internet sites the most since it will enable you to make an XML sitemap - the format that is used by search engines. That way, your website visitors will find content on your website without difficulty and search engines will give preference to your Internet site in the results they present as they will be able to index the site content better, including updates. Hepsia also features a GeoIP redirection software instrument, so you can have various landing webpages for visitors from different areas of the world, that will make your sites more popular among regional communities. Also, you can publish various news about your site via the RSS feed tool and anyone who subscribes for this option on your site will be able to read them on their phone or computer.